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  • White Leather STAR Bean Bag Chair
  • White Leather STAR Bean Bag Chair
  • White Leather STAR Bean Bag Chair
  • White Leather STAR Bean Bag Chair

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Our handcrafted leather star bean bag features a small white beanbag that comes in the shape of a star. A beautiful and inspiring nursery bean bag that will serve children of different ages. As a toddler, your child can use the star bean bag as a floor cushion, and late they can use it as a chair when playing, or reading. A gorgeous addition to your child's bedroom, that comes in two different sizes. 


Each star bean bag is handcrafted using premium grade PU leather that offers a durable finish. This helps ensure that our bean bag can easily take a great deal of wear and tear over the years. While your child enjoys a unique and stylish leather bean bag in their room. 


- Material: PU Leather

- Filling: Polystyrene beads (bean bag filler)

- Color: White

- Size: 6,3 x 13,4 x 21,3 inches (16 cm x 34 cm x 54 cm)


You can choose the bean bag with or without filling. The price with the filling is higher because the shipping cost increases as well because of the size of filled bag.


100% customers satisfaction.

***** Love- its exactly what I wanted thank you!!!

***** Item is of high quality and fits perfectly according to the measurements discussed. Highly recommended!


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