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  • Toddler swing Black
  • Toddler swing Black
  • Toddler swing Black
  • Toddler swing Black
  • Toddler swing Black

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If your toddler loves the swing, then surprise them with this secure toddler swing. This handmade toddler swing is the perfect swing set accessory for kids, created with utmost care and love.



-        Rope length: 2 Meters

-        Swing Seat Dimension: 395 x 395 x 230 mm

-        Feature: Hanging at two points

-        Recommended Load:  Up to 50kg

-        Material: Natural wood rods and in mpregnated waterproof fabric

-        Age: for a siting baby


Our handmade toddler swing is suitable for hanging both outdoors and indoors, it’s super easy to set up. It features weather-resistant and waterproof fabric that allows you to use it outside. Your child will be able to enjoy it all year round, regardless of weather conditions.  You can hang this swing on the back yard, patio, tree branches, and doorway so your baby can use it every day instead of going to the park.

Children’s swing is designed keeping minimalistic and modern design elements in mind. The swing is made of professional rope, strong impregnated double fabric, and durable wooden crossbars. It is very sturdy and durable for years to use. This toddler swing is designed to provide your kids with a safe and comfortable fun place for their childhood.

The swing helps to improve the vestibular system, as this is so important to healthy brain development, balance, helps to calm down and forget the pain of sprouting teeth, and good for baby coordination and development.

A thoughtful gift to buy for baby showers, holiday celebrations, and toddler birthdays from family, friends, and grandparents alike! Show them that you care with a quality present that’s guaranteed smiles. Give your little one her/him first exposure to the joys of swinging with the our Toddler Swing. Your child will have lots of fun on our toddler swing.


Simple setup taking a matter of minutes! No special tools required. Set the rope length and height options with the easy adjuster. Easy and quick dismantle for washing.



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