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  • BIG Pink Rope Rainbow Wall decor
  • BIG Pink Rope Rainbow Wall decor

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 Enchanted pink nursery wall decor


- Material: 100% cotton rope.

- Size: 32x50 cm(12,6x19,6 inches)

-  DO NOT wash.

Colorful and attractive nursery helps a child develop all the senses, keeps baby interested. So new moms tend to search for all kind of stylish and beautiful accessories. This rope and fiber rainbow  is a perfect fit! 

It is handmade with attention and care putting together different colors to make the nursery look authentic and joyful. It is great as a baby shower gift, or even a birthday present for a toddler.


If you are interested in smaller piece you can find it here

Everything is crafted by HAND. This is why it is unique and full of love!

Sleep tight!

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