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  • Newborn baby gift set "Play"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Play"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Play"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Play"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Play"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Play"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Play"
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The Newborn Set for play time consists of:

1. Bath Mitten

Soft bath mitten will help you to gently cleanse your baby. The glove has a loop for a comfortable fit, makes bath time easier for mother and better for baby. Made of 100% cotton terry, extremely comfortable and cute in design for kids!

2. Star Shaped Teether with Wooden Ring

A fun soft textured teether provides everything your baby needs to healthy sprouting teeth and gums. Our star-shaped teether is soft and kind to your baby’s sprouting teeth. The teether with a wooden ring is perfect for small hands to hold it with ease.

3. Star Shape Baby Comforter

Extra soft and cuddly baby comforter makes a wonderful little companion. Lightweight and portable baby muslin cotton pad keeps little ones safe and more relaxed. It is made of soft muslin, is pleasant for touch and ideal for sensitive baby skin yet easily squeezes by little ones’ hands.

4. Baby Cloud Shape Pillow

Cloud shaped baby pillow offers great comfort and support to your newborn. It is perfect for use while at home, on the go in a stroller or car seat, it gives extreme support to the little one. It will be a cozy companion to your little one at naptime and playtime. It also adds a sweet look to your baby’s space.


- 100% cotton terry towel;

- 100% cotton musnin fabric;

- watterproof fabric 70% cotton, 30%pl;

- natural unpainted wooden ring;


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