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  • Newborn baby gift set "Feeding"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Feeding"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Feeding"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Feeding"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Feeding"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Feeding"
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The Newborn Set for feeding consists of:

1. 3Pcs Small Towels

Gentle mini towels/wipes are perfect for wiping mouth, washing face, cleaning food, cleaning food burlap, and so on.  Made of ultra-soft cotton are soft-textured, sweat-absorbed, and skin-friendly. Soft and fluffy mini towels are gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

2. 3Pcs, Muslin Bibs Set

Soft and soft bibs will keep away sniffles, drips, and droops from baby clothes. Made of double layers of absorbent 100% cotton muslin, they work excellent when the baby’s teeth are sprouting and saliva is no longer in the mouth. They give great absorption of fluid and saliva and keep baby dry and comfortable.

3. Star Shaped Teether with Wooden Ring

A fun soft textured teether provides everything your baby needs to healthy sprouting teeth and gums. Our star-shaped teether is soft and kind to your baby’s sprouting teeth. The teether with a wooden ring is perfect for small hands to hold it with ease.


- 100% cotton terry towel;

- 100% cotton musnin fabric;

- watterproof fabric 70% cotton, 30%pl;

- natural unpainted wooden ring;


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