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  • Newborn baby gift set "Sleep"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Sleep"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Sleep"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Sleep"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Sleep"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Sleep"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Sleep"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Sleep"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Sleep"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Sleep"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Sleep"
  • Newborn baby gift set "Sleep"
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The BIG Newborn Set consists of:

1. White Fitted Sheet

This white fitted sheet adds a superb dose of cozy to any bedding. An everyday essential provides long-lasting comfort and fits any bedding. This adorable fitted sheet is made from cotton for the softest and gentlest feel and is versatile enough to match any nursery décor. 

2. Large Muslin Blanket

Delightfully soft and natural cotton muslin blanket is great for use at home or when on the go. Large enough to wrap your little one around fully! Wrap your baby with this generously sized blanket ensures comfortable bedtime, cuddle time and playtime.

3. 3Pcs, Muslin Washcloths

The muslin washcloths are super soft and needed all places, at home, outdoor, or with guests. They are designed to be used anywhere and easily fit in crib, stroller or mom’s shoulder. The absorbent washcloth is made of 100% cotton and soothes baby’s delicate skin.

4. Star Shape Baby Comforter

Extra soft and cuddly baby comforter makes a wonderful little companion. Lightweight and portable baby muslin cotton pad keeps little ones safe and more relaxed. It is made of soft muslin, is pleasant for touch and ideal for sensitive baby skin yet easily squeezes by little ones’ hands.

5. Baby Blanket

This baby blanket keeps your baby warm and cozy while taking a long stroller ride, traveling to visit the grandparents or a stroll around the park. It will be a great addition to your newborn’s collection. Gentle on newborn’s sensitive skin, creating a relaxed environment for sleeping time and comfiest of snuggles.

6. Baby Bodysuit

The baby bodysuit created with pure cotton with short sleeves and envelop necklines for quick and easy dressing. It keeps your baby comfortable and warm during cold months and cools during the hot season. Your little one will look a charm in this cute and comfy bodysuit.

7. Waterproof Mattress Protector

This waterproof protector is so soft yet absorbent, designed for sensitive skin. The mat has dual-color, one side is white and the other side is bluish. This washable and durable mat can be used for a long time without losing its benefits.

Our moisture-proof mattress protector can absorb maximum moisture quickly, keeps the mattress dry and clean. This is the perfect dry sheet for happy babies!


- 100% cotton terry towel;

- 100% cotton musnin fabric;

- watterproof fabric 70% cotton, 30%pl;


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