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  • Blue Linen (flax) Crib Rail Cover
  • Blue Linen (flax) Crib Rail Cover
  • Blue Linen (flax) Crib Rail Cover
  • Blue Linen (flax) Crib Rail Cover
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Crib rail cover - keeps your baby safe as well as protects your crib. Soft but firm crib rail bumpers are one of the unique items to have in order to ensure the safety of your baby. Apart from that, the materials are manufactured in such a way that they create unique and outstanding nursery designs.

These crib bumpers are available in different colors, and they are filled with paddings, and the outer fabric is 100% linen (flax) fabric. The baby nursery crib bumpers are designed and decorated with ribbons to add the additional charm. In fact, crib bumpers are one of the things parents and mothers-to-be will definitely appreciate as a baby shower gift. 


This listing is for one long crib side rail cover. If you need cover for both sides, choose 2 pieces.


Rail cover length:

1) 132 cm(52in) for crib size 69x132 cm (27x52 inches);

2) 140cm(55 in) for crib size 70x140 cm (27.5x55 inches);

3) custom size;


- 100 % linen fabric

- Filled with padding


If you need other sizes, please contact me!

You may wash in machine at 30˚C and dry in warm tumble.


Everything is crafted by hand. This is why it is unique and full of love!

Sleep tight!

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