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  •  Wooden White Cloud Nursery Nightlight
  •  Wooden White Cloud Nursery Nightlight
  •  Wooden White Cloud Nursery Nightlight

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Nightlight for Baby Nursery, Wooden Cloud Nursery Lamp, white or black projector for children



- Color: White

- Material: Wood, LED, WHITE wire

- Size: 8,6x12,6 inches(22x32 cm);

 A handmade white cloud nightlight features a simple and stylish nightlight for your child's bedroom. You can easily hang this handmade nightlight in their room, filling up the boring walls with beautiful shapes. 

It is important that you have a soft nightlight in your nursery, so in case your child wakes up during the night they don't find themselves in darkness. Our handcrafted white cloud nightlight will offer them a soft on the eyes light, that offers a complete view. However, the light is not harsh in any way, and won't nudge them towards an awake state. Rather it will push them back towards a relaxed mind, so they can easily fall asleep. 

A beautiful and must have addition to your child's bedroom. So they can enjoy a playful cloud design on the wall during the day, and a cloud shaped nightlight during the night. 

The led night light is safe for use in babies & kids rooms. 

The night lamp easy installation: 

Simply hang the  night light on your wall (concrete or drywall) using a screw. The cable has a hand switch and a regular European stick contact with two pins.



Everything is crafted by hand. This is why it is unique and full of love!

Sleep tight!

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