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About colours for a kids room !

About colours for a kids room !

The 1st thing You need to do  - think of what color scheme you will go for. Before You settle on an all blue or pink room, try suggesting matching colors - you can explore interesting colors combinations. Once you have decided on the color scheme - it is all about getting right balance. Babies are highly emotional and colors can either inspire, excite, heal, soothe, calm.. The importance of choosing the right colours is so important. 

Let's talk about every color...


      G R E Y

  • gives sense of security;
  • balances bright colors;
  • perfect color when used as a backdrop for color accent;
  • enhances creativity.

      P I N K

  • increases a sense of comfort and calm;
  • can reduce an angry behavior;
  • too much pink - feelings of irritation and nervousness;
  • associated with sweetness.

      B L U E

  • perfect colour for children with behavior problems - has soothing and calm effect;
  • improves productivity;
  • makes children fell more spiritual and centered;
  • too much blue (darker) can get depressing effect.

      R E D

  • simulating color;
  • can increase focus;
  • too much can have the inability focus.

      G R E E N 

  • has a calming effect;
  • reduces anxiety;
  • evokes nature and serenity;
  • a forest geen should be used in accents only - can feel overwhelming;
  • can increase reading ability.

      Y E L L O W

  • adds sunny vibes;
  • brighter tones can increase memory;
  • associated with positivity and well-being;
  • softer tones helps concentration.

      B L A C K

  • can make the room feel smaller;
  • a sophisticated color which looks very modern.

Important to choose colous that will fit into the family home's style. To be on the save side - avoid painting all walls in the same dominant color - one painted wall will make all the difference. Transform the mood in a nursery - just by changing cushions or blankets for example.


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